A short, 2-3 hour cozy and spooky farming game that explores themes of responsibility, forgiveness, and finding your own meaning in the face of hardship. Communicate with the outside world via your mailbox, cultivate new plants, read books, experiment with a forbidden altar, and try to save the world.

This game is free to play in web, but there is no way to save your game. If you close the tab, you'll lose your progress! To unlock the ability to autosave every night when you go to bed, please consider purchasing the download of the game for just the cost of a coffee! It really helps support my work as a solo game developer and allows me to make more games.

🕯️🕯️ FEATURES🕯️🕯️

  • 25 different plants to discover, grow, and add to your compendium
  • 3 different endings - 2 regular endings and 1 secret ending (can you find it?)
  • Spooky dreams, hauntings, and mysterious happenings
  • 2-3 hours of story, but you can keep playing as long as you'd like
  • 8 books to discover, place on bookshelves, and read
  • 2 penpals to meet

🕯️🕯️ CONTROLS & TIPS🕯️🕯️

  • Use WASD to move, E to interact, and Tab to open your menu
  • Don't forget to ship plants back to the City!
  • You must shelve books before you can read them - no one likes to read standing up in the middle of their front yard.
  • Don't forget to go to bed!


  • This game does contain some very minor sound jumpscares. If this worries you, turn the sound and music off to enjoy. There are no closeup shots, gore, visual jump scares, or anything visually alarming.
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I loved this a lot! But in the post-game endless mode, I got stuck trying to combine dusk dendron and brimstone to make the next plant - I always get an empty sacrifice result. I wondered if the dusk dendron was inactive unless I harvested it after dusk, but I could never get that to work, since by the time it's dusk, it's too dark to see to harvest it! Don't know what I should do. :(

thank you so much for letting me know! I fixed this and uploaded a new build, so you should only have to download the new version!

Hey Becky, I found the game through your tumblr really enjoy it but for some reason, when I press tab or look in the plant book, when I try to click the close button, the mouse freezes and I have to restart the game.

hey! what OS are you playing on?

I'm playing it on the web version, as at this time I cannot afford to buy it. 

thanks for letting me know! I'm pretty sure it's the itch overlay causing issues. if you press Tab, that should close the menu or plant windows without issue in the game.

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I enjoyed everything about this game: the story, the artwork, the atmosphere. the way the story unfolded was engaging-I couldn't wait to see if I got new letters each day and tend to my plants in between. the idea of being in a world, but being sort of detached from it, but still having an impact on it adds a unique layer to the experience and you can really feel it throughout the game.


Keeper of the Silent Groove Gameplay


This game is really fun although my computer (windows) wont let me read any book under the first one. Otherwise love the spooky vibe and im going to play regardless as its just that good. I havent finished yet so no spoilers <3

oh no! this sounds like a bug. can you go to C Users username AppData LocalLow Tiny Diorama Keeper of the Silent Grove data.game and email me your save file to becky@tinydiorama.com? It would be a huge help!

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never mind! I found the bug :) on windows, you should be able to just restart/reload the game from your save file and that should actually just do the trick for you! I'll push a build for today that will fix it (for real) though!


I am hooked! I'd keep playing, but my time is close to 12am! Have to avoid the Shades! Can't wait to dive into this more and discover!


I couldn't stop playing after I started!! This game is both haunting and relaxing. Very atmospheric with beautiful atwork. The mystery hidden inside the books and letters is compelling. I was racing to unlock more plants. Definitely check it out!

this game is an experience of the highest order: beautifully haunting, emotionally engrossing, and really unlike anything else out there! here's this dark and struggling world that you can't directly experience but you can help by exploring and growing strange and healing plants! it's also the kind of game that is so much fun to play, you'll get immersed, and before you know it's several hours later and your garden is thriving and the letters keep coming! I can't recommend it more and I hope everyone enjoys it as thoroughly as I did!