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I ran into a bug trying to start the game where the system returned the error "The application dreamgarden-mac couldn't be started." I was able to correct this with the following terminal command: chmod +x*

Not sure if this is because I'm on an M1 or what. But it's working now and I love it! :)

The game really thrashes the CPU on my M1 Mac due to it still being an intel binary. Any chance of an update for MacOS with native apple silicon support? Really love the game! <3

Hello! I've only just gotten started with this, but I'm really loving it so far. It's great that the seeds are mystery seeds and you only get to find out what they are once you plant them and add them to the book. The pixel art is gorgeous, and I love the amount of thought and detail you put into each plant!

I was surprised by how slowly the hearts accumulate, but as a design decision it does force me to really treat it like an idle game and just let it run in the background (although I've forgotten to water my waxy diamondback a few times already, whoops). Some sort of timer or health bar to show when they next need to be watered would have been a cool addition!

I do have a few early game questions that might be nice to answer in the tutorial at the beginning: what does choosing northern vs. southern hemisphere at the start of the game do? Is three the maximum number of plants before you have to begin harvesting them to make room? If I harvest a plant, can I randomly get the seeds for it a second time or is it gone forever?

wow thank you so much for such thoughtful feedback, I appreciate it tons! I actually had planned out a whole tutorial but development fatigue made me just want to release the game haha. to answer your questions though: north vs. south hemisphere only changes what background you see out your window (might just add text about it in the next update), three is the maximum number of plant pots, and you don't randomly get seeds for harvesting but you do get a burst of hearts to buy more seeds. again thank you again for playing!